Early Childhoo研发中心 Expands Services and Hours, Thanks to Family Empowerment Grant

October 29, 2019

Early Childhoo研发中心 at Borough of Manhattan Community College (澳门赌场/CUNY) has been selected to participate in the CUNY Family Empowerment Community College Pilot Program, and will receive a total of $451,941 over three years, from Fall 2019 up to Fall 2022.

该 grant will enable the Center to expand its hours, add classes and teaching staff, provide free tuition for more children at the Center, and offer support and wraparound services for student parents.

The expanded hours will make a difference on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, when the Center’s closing time will move from 5 to 9 p.m. 该 Center was already open till 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday, so now it is open till 9 p.m. seven days a week.

To fill the expanded hours with programming, the Center will add early childhood classrooms, each with a dedicated head teacher and assistant teacher, according to Cecilia Scott-Croff, the Center’s executive director. Other new staff will include student interns, volunteers and work study students.

In addition, the Early Childhoo研发中心 will hire a full-time family empowerment program coordinator to support student parents who attend classes while their child attends the Center over the weekend and evenings.

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Besides providing support for student parents in ASAP, Scott-Croff says, “We’re engaging in outreach to reach student parents in programs such as the 澳门赌场 CUNY Language Immersion Program ()和 纽约市立大学开始, as well as reaching out to student parents who attend the 澳门赌场 Center for Continuing Education and Workforce Development“。

Scott-Croff points out that this is the first time 澳门赌场 has received this grant, which resulted from an initiative, the Family Empowerment Community College Pilot Program, just launched by Governor Cuomo’s office. Other CUNY schools receiving the grant are LaGuardia Community College, Hostos Community College and Bronx Community College.

“This is a significant opportunity for the 澳门赌场 Early Childhoo研发中心 to serve the whole family; the child who takes part in enriched activities and learning experiences, and the student parent who is determined to earn his or her degree. With these additional services and and personalized support, they will be better able to do that“。




  • 澳门赌场 Early Childhoo研发中心 receives more than $450k over three years to broaden services and hours open
  • Grant is part of an initiative, Family Empowerment Community College Pilot Program from governor’s office
  • Funding will allow hiring of a family empowerment program coordinator, who will reach out to student parents in ASAP and other programs

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